Sims 3: Beginning

Ta-da! I have The Sims 3. These are my first two characters…Amy and Maya. Everything is so much more advanced than Sims 2. Not just the “full world” thing, but the interactions with objects, buy mode, everything is just two steps up, it’s really cool. I had been wondering if, with all the advances, married Sims would cuddle up together. I don’t think they do deliberately…but they kinda look like it, don’t they?

Starting Over

Right now, I am downloading a torrent of Sims 2 and all its expansion packs. Yes, I’m a file sharer. That’s not the point.

I started playing Sims 3 Mobile Edition on my Samsung Vibrant, and it made me want to get into Sims again. The first week of the new semester is probably a really bad time for this, but I’m going to play around anyway. I looked into downloading Sims 3, but not only is my laptop unlikely to play it properly (video card issues – I’m not sure it’ll even run Sims 2), but it’s more complicated than I’m used to. I like the “Wants” feature, because I’ve played with that on my phone, but the “Open World” feature seems a little intimidating. I would actually go back to Sims 1, because I’m more familiar with it, but I really like the family-building aspect of Sims 2, so that’s where I’m going to start.

Jodie Graduates

Well, I’m finally back to playing Sims! I had Jodie graduate, here’s what happened:

Lainey Gets Electrocuted

Jodie and Lainey got engaged the very next day after Jodie tried to move too fast! Within minutes after moving in, Lainey had accepted Jodie’s proposal. So they still haven’t made woo hoo, but at least they live together and they’re engaged. I was a little surprised that even though Lainey’s been in college for as long as Jodie, she’s still a freshman and still hasn’t declared her major. She wants to be a mad scientist, though, so she’s now majoring in mathematics.

Unfortunately, Lainey hasn’t learned much in the way of mechanical skills yet. So when the computer broke after she declared her major, Lainey had…well…a little accident. More

Lucky and Unlucky in Love

Jodie Bellinger has had a tough time in the love department. Like most of my Sims, she is always ready to put the moves on people, but they rarely reciprocate. But this time… More

College Life for Jodie

Life has been moving right along for Jodie Bellinger, who is now about to take her final exams during her first semester of junior year at Académie Le Tour. More

Jodie’s First Year of College

Jodie Bellinger went to college! She was getting pretty good grades in high school, so she decided she was ready for university. She’s at L’Academie de Tour, aka Tower College. More

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